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Social Media - Friend or Foe


Social networking is changing the way we interact with not only our friends and family like never before but with our clients and prospective clients.  In total 30 billion pieces of content (e.g., links, photos, notes) are shared on Facebook each month and 25 billion tweets were sent on Twitter (2010 Stats).

Creating a social networking existence is paramount in this age of new technology where people want as much information as they can get and they want it now. Via its Web-Aware Service, Kakadu offers a managed service to provide you with an active and professional social Media presence with integrated reporting and analytics.


Social Media - Friend or Foe


Some Social Media facts

  • About 15 million Australians use social media
  • 87% of Australians access the internet daily
  • 95% of internet users use Facebook
  • There are about 300 million Twitter users
  • Australians are now interacting with companies via social networking sites, reinforcing notions that Australians are open to engaging with brands and companies online
  • Australian’s online are looking to fellow internet users for opinions and information about products, services and brands through social media, forums and blogging
  • The age differential of users has disappeared - 80% of users aged from 18-65 acess the internet daily